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    Justin Oberndorf, Young Adult Life Coach

    Justin, a.k.a Mr. O, is a Teen and Young Adult Life Coach who has years of experience facilitating and coaching teens to be successful young adults. He is a Banyan Collective Facilitator that facilitates building authentic communication and connection within teen communities.

    Mr. O worked in the classroom for 16-years and is now a Life Coach, Certified Facilitator, and Motivational Speaker for teens and young adults. 



  • Life and Family Coach

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    1:1 Teen and Young Adult Life Coaching

    One thing that most of us know to be true is that teens are faced with many obstacles in today's society. From peer relationships to academics to social media to family dynamics, teens are confronted with a variety of challenges. During our 1:1 coaching sessions, we will uncover your teen's unique gifts and purpose and put them on a journey to success. During our sessions we will apply the "Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan" model that will set your teen in the right direction to achieving their goals, both personal and academic.


    Focus areas include:

    • Time management
    • Executive Functioning
    • Life Skills
    • Develop Leadership and Communication Skills
    • Build Capacity for Empathy
    • Find their Passions and Put them into Action!
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    Academic Coaching

    Academic coaching is an individualized student support service that enhances students' academic performance by helping them recognize their strengths, grow their academic skills and habits, improve their time management skills, increase their confidence, and develop well-designed action plans. Together, we will implement a simple, but proven formula for success: Plan Your Work, And Work Your Plan!


    Focus areas include:

    • Goal Setting
    • Study Skills
    • Create routines and build habits that yield success
    • Improve Grades
    • Time Management
    • Effective Communication Between Student, Parents, and Teachers
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    Family Coaching

    The teen years can be challenging for, even the most prepared parents! It is easy to fall into patterns of arguing, resentment, and misunderstanding. Therefore, it is important that while working with your teen, we integrate the family into the process. While working with your teen 1:1, we will periodically meet as a family unit and/or parents solely to discuss your teen's goals, improve communication, and take a step forward into a new way of interacting with each other.


    Focus areas include:

    • Establish New Communication Norms
    • Set Goals as a Family
    • Create Mutual Understanding and Respect 
  • Banyan Teen Collective

    Community and Leadership Program

    To build true authentic community and gain a deeper connection to members within the group. To experience leadership in the world through service and explore issues facing teens today.

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    Banyan Teen Collective (BTC)

    Leadership Through Service and Adventure

    BTC Leadership and Community Groups are semester long programs that meets 2x/month, with a culminating adventure service trip at the end of the semester. During this program, your teen will develop leadership skills, increase their capacity for compassion and empathy (i.e Emotional Intelligence), understand the value of service to the community, strive for excellence in all they do, and have a blast while doing it!


    Banyan Teen Collective Program:

    • 5 months, meet 2x/month
    • Culminating adventure service trip at end of semester
    • Service throughout program, designed by members
    • 10-15 volunteer hours required for each participant outside of group
    • Local community service project


    Your teen will get:

    • Character and Leadership Development 
    • Program Retreats
    • Develop and Implement Community Service Projects
    • Guest Mentors from Community 
    • Resume/College Application Building
    • Time and Stress Management
    Finding Their Passion and Put it into Action!
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    Upcoming Group

    January - May 2022



    • $1500, includes the June trip 
    • Must attend a minimum 8 out of 10 sessions
    • Complete all community service hours


    • Tuesdays starting in January 2022
    • 4:30-6:30pm
    • Location: Boulder/Surrounding area - TBD
    • Adventure Service Trip: June 1-June 4 (Location - TBD)

    *Scholarships and payment plans available

  • Testimonials

    Read what others are saying about Mr. O

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    Maddison P.

    In 8th grade, I was struggling with my home life. It affected me emotionally and educationally at school. One of the most helpful pieces of advice I received from Mr. O was to only focus on what I can control. I cannot control how others act, only how I react. I still use that to this day. It makes me feel grounded no matter what kind of chaos is happening around me.

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    Emma H.

    I'm now twice as old as I was when I took Mr. O's class, and his mantra "Plan your work and work your plan" still rings in my head. This approach helped me handle the increased workload in high school and college, and helped me manage my stress by breaking my work up into digestible chunks. And now, as a professional speechwriter, I consider Mr. O's class to have been a crucial step on my journey to becoming a better writer. Any teen would be lucky to have Mr. O as a coach!

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    Sarah D.

    I was in Mr. O’s 8th grade language arts class and 10 years later, I am still impacted by his teaching. He always made me feel like my thoughts and perspectives were valuable, even when I was 13 years old. I will never forget the kindness, respect, and seriousness with which he approached all of his students’ ideas; he cares deeply about the kids he works with and in turn teaches them to care about the world around them. Thanks in large part to his influence, I am now teaching and writing as my own career!
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